We’re a small team of highly skilled problem solvers driven by the quest for digital craftsmanship excellence.

TL;DR: we design and build worthy mobile apps and websites.

It's not OCD, it's a process.

The path from good idea to great product is very similar to the one from carbon molecules to processed diamond.

Discover & Define

We need to understand what your needs are and what's the best way to help you. Whether it's building a new product or improving an existing one, we'll figure it out together.


It's not really just about how it looks ( although that's an important part). We'll design the most enjoyable experience for the people who will use your product.


Our skilled developers love solving complicated problems. They'll find the best technical solutions for the product features we envisioned and bring everything to life.

Ship & Improve

Shipping the product is just the beginning of the journey. We'll work together to gather feedback and figure out what the next steps are and improve the products.

Fresh from the workbench.


Visual storytelling with friends. SlickFlick allows you to create amazing stories with your photos and an evergrowing collection of custom stickers & characters from top designers.

A VIP concierge app for restaurants and entertainment venues.
A loyalty & mobile payment app platform for major retailers.
A social network built around visual storytelling.
An exciting app for true football fans from the UK.

Here's to the gritty ones.

We're continuously growing our network of likeminded designers & developers. This allows us to match pretty much any project with the right set of skills. And we're suckers for matchmaking shows.


Maria Constantinescu

Managing Director

Maria developed a passion for building consumer apps during her years as a tech & media lawyer in New York and London. Her first venture, SlickFlick, produced a social app for visual storytelling designed to empower and inspire casual story improvisation.

Creating SlickFlick has been the catalyst for Perfect 10, bringing together Maria and Radu with a team of progressive mobile developers. Currently, Maria doubles as client liason and project manager, making her matchmaker-in-chief.



Radu Ceuca

Creative Director

Radu has been in the design industry for the last decade, working with both startups and large corporations to solve tricky user interface design problems.

Like any seasoned designer, Radu enjoys obsessing over every detail of the user experience and grinning and clapping like a penguin at every beautiful and functional product that comes off the workbench.


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